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It's that time of year again! I'd wake up and immediately search under my bed for an Easter Basket, my sister and I would put on new Easter dresses before church (my favorite one was purple and covered in flowers with gigantic puffy sleeves), and at some point in the day we'd play chubby bunny...a competition where you stuff as many peeps into your mouth as possible and say "chubby bunny." The one with the most peeps wins. And one year, my Dad wore a full size Easter bunny costume to assist with the Easter Egg Hunt. I was so honored to have a guest like the Easter Bunny over that I grabbed his hand and took him on the grand tour of my room; I think we even shared some Cadbury Eggs. My sister, on the other hand, walked past "the Easter Bunny" and said "Hey, dad" with out blinking an eye. When I realized I had been defrauded, I burst into hysterical tears, freaking out that the Easter bunny wasn't real.

Last Easter was a tough one.

When GLO.MSN came to me for fun Easter DIY ideas, I immediately thought of mixing the timeless classic with a recent trend: Ombre Easter Eggs. I was inspired by speckled birds' eggs that come in every delicate hue, and just scream "springtime" to me . Ombre simply means that color fades from one to another, and with a few pops of sparkle from silver and gold food paint, the muted hues of the eggs turned out beautifully.

For the full steps on how to make you're own Ombre Easter Eggs, check out the article on GLO, here.

Happy Easter!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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