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The entire content on the Blog eatbangus.blogspot.com whether image or article derived and modified from various sources such as the media and the internet, television, and print media. Where is all the article is a revised version still includes a rewrite with suggestions, opinions and style that is typical of the author.
The entire content on this blog is intended purposely to share information only and is light as a medium of learning online for visitors to read and enjoy. It should be noted that the authors did not do their own research on what has been published on this blog. Therefore, if there is a subject that causes harm to a third party then it is not entirely our responsibility.
All types of content from third parties (Advertising and Link) is also not the responsibility of us, and please contact the web / site owned by the parties concerned. And all comments from any visitors published on this blog, is the sole responsibility of each commentator.
It is strictly forbidden to quote, copy, reproduce or copy and paste either part or all the contents and disseminate content without written permission from this blog admin. But as any visitor is allowed to disseminate the articles in this blog for the purpose of distribution to other social media, and include a link to the source is still active (live link).

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